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Puppy Coloring Pages

Scroll down to below the puppy coloring pages for some helpful puppy facts!

Did You Know?

When puppies are newly born they are:

  • Helpless
  • Blind
  • unable to stand
  • asleep 90% of the time
  • feeding 10% of the time

When they are around two weeks old their eyes finally open. If you have ever had new puppies around this is a very exciting event.

Puppies should not be separated from thier mother until they are at least eight weeks old.

It is very important to take new puppies to a veterinarian (a doctor for animals) so the vet can examine them and give them their first vaccinations (shots). The vet will make sure the puppies are healthy. He or she will also discuss with you how to care for your puppies.

A Few New Puppy Tips:

  • Puppies need to eat three times a day.
  • There should be penty of fresh drinking water available for them.
  • They should have plenty of exercise.
  • Puppies need a clean box or bed for sleeping. You can use blankets or shredded newspaper to line the box.
  • Of course the new puppy wil have to go outside frequently in order to become potty trained.

Ask your vet:

  • When to start feeding the puppies solid foods.
  • What food he recommends.
  • When you should bring the puppy back for its next check up and vaccinations. (This is very important for your puppy's health)
Below are instructions for printing you puppy coloring pages.

Printing Instructions:

Once you have decided which pages you want to print out the hard part will be over!

  1. Click on a thumbnail of a picture you want to see. If you like what you see and you would like to print it out follow the next few steps.
  2. Go to the FILE menu
  3. Select the PRINT option
  4. Check the settings for the printer. You can use the gray scale or black only setting to save on colored ink.
  5. Decide how many copies of the image you want.
  6. Press Print

Then enjoy coloring your pictures! Remember, the pictures may not look very clear as thumbnails, but when you click on them they will clear up and you will see what you will get when you print.

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